iOrchestra: Project Overview

iOrchestra was the Philharmonia’s largest digital audience development project to date, combining its largest digital installations with a new touring musical truck MusicLab (pictured above), grassroots participatory elements and live concerts to create a two-year festival of orchestral music that covered the South-West of the UK, reaching over 120,000 people, and winning the organisation an RPS award for the third time in six years. The project focused around 3 main cities, but covered a much wider region, from Torquay to Penzance. 

Running from April 2014 to July 2015, the project was comprised of 3 main strands: 


The Orchestra’s large-scale digital installations, RE-RITE and Universe of Sound,  were placed at the heart of 3 cities in a giant marquee, running for a total of 12 weeks over the two-year project, and reaching 89,000 people: 

  • Plymouth: April/May 2014 - RE-RITE, April/May 2015 – Universe of Sound
  • Torbay: May/June 2014 – RE-RITE, May/June 2015 – Universe of Sound
  • Truro: June/July 2014 – RE-RITE, June/July 2015 – Universe of Sound


A brand new bespoke digital trailer was created as the satellite unit around the tent, reaching communities outside the main cities that don’t have regular – if any - access to orchestral music. The truck:

  • contained 5 bespoke interactions
  • stopped at 13 locations each year
  • was open 6 days a week
  • hosted 4 school groups each day
  • reached over 17,000 visitors over the two years

More about MusicLab


The core of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s daily business is performing live concerts. All of its investment in digital and outreach programmes provides a means by which to introduce new audiences to the live concert experience.

At the culmination of each year of iOrchestra was a series of live performances given by the full Philharmonia Orchestra. Two concerts were performed in each region, each year: one for the general public, and the other for KS2 primary school children ages 7 - 11. In the first year, the public concerts were held outdoors with free admission, but the second year the concerts were brought indoors, in an aim to bring new audiences into concert halls for the first time. 

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iOrchestra is grateful to the following funders for their support

Arts Council England logoThe David and Elaine Potter FoundationGarfield Weston Foundation logoEsmee Fairbairn Foundation