Emerging Artists

The Philharmonia Orchestra is committed to providing opportunities to nurture, showcase and stretch the next generation of artistic talent. The Orchestra’s current Emerging Artists programme consists of two distinct programmes – the Composers' Academy and the Philharmonia MMSF Instrumental Fellowships. Both connect an annual cohort of young artists to the wider life of the Philharmonia and the expertise within its membership.

In parallel with the Composers' Academy and Instrumental Fellowship programme, the Philharmonia delivers a number of initiatives in partnership with conservatoires, universities and music education hubs to support talent and progression at a younger stage of musical development, The Orchestral Experience programme.


Led by Unsuk Chin, the Composers’ Academy offers the opportunity for three talented emerging composers to write a chamber work for a Philharmonia Ensemble.

Philharmonia MMSF Instrumental Fellowships seek to enable exceptionally talented students to bridge the gap between full-time study and professional status.

If you would be interested in working with Philharmonia or keen to find out more about projects in your area, please contact:
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