MMSF Instrumental Fellowships: About the Fellowships

The Martin Musical Scholarship Fund, administered by the Philharmonia Orchestra, has given invaluable support to countless young musicians since 1968. Its anonymous founder and benefactor provided enough money to enable exceptionally talented students to bridge the difficult gap between full-time study and professional status.

Many Martin Musical Scholarship Fund award winners have gone on to extremely successful orchestral or solo careers. Alumni include Benjamin Baker, Alison Balsom, Natalie Clein, Michael Collins, Alina Ibragimova, Steven Isserlis, Freddy Kempf, Tasmin Little, Jennifer Pike, Laurence Power, Alexander Sitkovetsky and Wu Qian. Philharmonia Orchestra players have also been beneficiaries such as current members Byron Fulcher and Mark van de Wiel.

Previous MMSF award winner Benjamin Baker © Philharmonia Orchestra

One of 2016-18 Philharmonia MMSF String Fellows, 2nd violinist Emma Oldfield

With the support of its donors and after an extensive review, the Philharmonia Orchestra has re-designed the scheme to form the Philharmonia MMSF Instrumental Fellowship Programme. This is a more enhanced offer for young musicians, supporting those instrumentalists who are specifically seeking an orchestral career and connecting them to the wider life of the Philharmonia and the expertise within its membership.

2016/17 saw the launch of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s String Fellowship Programme– a new two year scheme for up to five young string musicians.

In 2017/18, the Philharmonia Orchestra launched its new annual Woodwind, Brass and Harp Fellowships for up to four young musicians, as well as Piano Fellowships for up to three pianists.There are a maximum of four Woodwind and Brass Fellowships available in total, and a maximum of two Harp Fellowships.

This will be followed in 18/19 with new Fellowships for percussionists.

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The Philharmonia's MMSF Instrumental Fellowships Programme is generously supported by:

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We are also grateful to the following

June Allison

Dr Paul Conway

The Oliver Green Memorial Trust

Mark James

The John E Mortimer Foundation

The Sidney Perry Foundation

Trevor Snoad

Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK

To find out how to support the Philharmonia MMSF Instrumental Fellowship Programme, please contact Jonathan Kuhles, Director of Development on or contact the Philharmonia’s Development team on 020 7921 3903.