The City Electric (3/6) - Philharmonia Orchestra

Berlin. An epicentre. A capital city. A playground.

The city of Berlin was the Weimar Republic’s hub, transforming itself into a multicultural melting pot where rules could be bent and new ways of being were more accepted. However, people questioned this modern way of living and were sceptical of the rise of technology and a more relaxed approach to gender norms. Cabaret, theatre and film all contributed to a critique of society while the rise of Fascism inevitably marched forward. Observers like writer Christopher Isherwood recorded this remarkable period in his Berlin novels, including Goodbye to Berlin. Learn more about this exciting metropolis in The City Electric.

These six films form the introduction to the Philharmonia’s concert series Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis, which opens 9 June at Southbank Centre, London:

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