Instrument: Euphonium

In this film, Philharmonia Orchestra Principal Trombone, Byron Fulcher, introduces the euphonium, an instrument that is an occasional visitor to the orchestra. TABLE OF CONTENTS:

00:18 Meaning of "euphonium"
00:40 Choices when buying a euphonium
00:59 The emergence of valved brass instruments
01:25 UK brass band history & the euphonium
02:22 "Tenor tuba" and how the euphonium became part of the orchestra
03:12 How you make a sound
03:55 The wide range of the euphonium & the compensating system
09:09 The valves and how they work
09:54 Vibrato
11:00 Mutes
11:38 How often Byron plays the euphonium in the orchestra
12:21 Orchestral extract: Mussorsgky, Pictures at an Exhibition, Bydlo
14:00 Orchestral extract: R Strauss, Don Quixote, Maggiore: Sancho Panza
15:05 Orchestral extract: Mahler, Symphony No. 7, I. Langsam - Allegro risoluto, ma non troppo
16:14 Orchestral extract: Holst, The Planets, Jupiter
16:35 Foster: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
17:20 Jean-Baptiste Arban and the Airs Variés
18:07 Carnaval de Venise, theme and variations, arranged by Arban
19:29 Articulation, including double and triple tonguing
21:01 Brass solo competitions in the UK
21:19 Who plays the euphonium in the orchestra?
21:38 How Byron learned euphonium
21:55 Mishaps

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