International Patrons

Connect and Inspire the World.

The Philharmonia Orchestra is proud of our role as a global Cultural Ambassador, taking the very essence of English culture across the world. With regular tours to Asia, North America, across Europe and beyond, we perform in the greatest concert halls, working with the cream of international talent; from world-renowned and established conductors and artists, to the latest emerging names, from over 20 nationalities, across five continents.

This ethos is reflected in the make-up of our membership, including players from 14 different nationalities - American, British, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Manx, New Zealander, Polish, Portuguese, South Korean and Swedish. Great orchestral music transcends all barriers and borders. We aim to be a pioneer, delivering world-class quality music-making to new global audiences. Such a comprehensive programme requires leadership and a great financial commitment.

The International Patrons of the Philharmonia is your opportunity to show your support for our work across the globe and join our family of music-lovers. Connect with like-minded philanthropists and enjoy privileges in your home country, and in London. Become part of our story and receive a level of personal care and exclusive benefits reflecting the significance of your contribution. Pledge your support annually and allow us to better plan our future with financial confidence. Become an International Patron of the Philharmonia Orchestra and share your love of great music, and share our vision for the future of music-making.

The Philharmonia Orchestra is registered with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). TGE is a tax-efficient way for our individual supporters and corporate partners to support the Philharmonia. 

We warmly invite our European supporters to connect with the TGE partner in their home country to support the Philharmonia via TGE. We currently have TGE partnerships with Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. 

For more information on the International Patrons, please download the brochure and a sign-up form. Alternatively, please contact Ben Carr, Individual Giving Coordinator,, tel. 020 7921 3951, or Jennifer Suggitt, Development Director,, tel. 020 7921 3920.