Current Supporters

The quality and diversity of the Philharmonia Orchestra's work would not be possible without its international portfolio of sponsors and supporters.

Major Partners


Our Corporate Members in London, Leicester and Bedford

  • R. H. Amar & Co Ltd
  • F. Williams (Bedford) Ltd

Trust and Foundations Supporters

In addition to the Major Partners and Partners listed above, we are also grateful to the following Trusts and Foundations for their support

  • Anonymous
  • Andor Charitable Trust
  • The Arts Society
  • The John S Cohen Foundation
  • The JR Corah Foundation Fund
  • D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
  • The Maud Elkington Charitable Trust
  • Edwin Fox Foundation
  • Oliver Green Memorial Trust
  • The Hattori Foundation for Music & the Arts
  • House of Industry Estate Charity
  • The Boris Karloff Charitable Foundation
  • The Kobler Trust
  • The Lynn Foundation
  • McLay Dementia Trust
  • Edith Murphy Foundation
  • The National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund
  • Neighbourly Charitable Trust
  • The Prince of Wales`s Charitable Foundation
  • Rubin Foundation Charitable Trust
  • St John's Hospital Trust

Individual Sponsors

  • Mrs Joscelyn Fox
  • Laurence Modiano
  • Dr David Potter, CBE
  • Mr and Mrs Geoff Richards
  • Esa-Pekka Salonen

Members of the Mahler Syndicate

  • Naomi and Christophe Kasolowsky
  • Caroline Tate 
  • John and Carol Wates 
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Conductors’ Circle

For gifts of £10,000 and above

  • Mr Johan Lundgren and Mrs Maria Ronning-Lundgren

For gifts of £5,000 and above

  • Lydia and Manfred Gorvy
  • Mrs Latifa Kosta
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

For gifts of £2,500 and above

  • Sirdar Aly Aziz
  • Dr and Mrs Paul Conway
  • Nathan and Frances Kirsh
  • Daan and Maggie Knottenbelt
  • Christina Pamberg
  • Norbert and Sabine Reis
  • Ruben and Ann Ritchie
  • Christopher Stewart
  • John and Carol Wates 

For gifts of £1,000 and above

  • Mr and Mrs Raj Bhatia
  • Marlies Branston
  • Julia Brodie
  • Paul and Sally Cartwright
  • Sule and Patrick Dewilde
  • Lionel and Gillian Frumkin
  • Philip Green CBE and Judy Green
  • Milton Grundy Foundation
  • Mr Malcolm Herring
  • Robert Horner
  • Stanley Lowy, MBE
  • Stuart and Margaret Renshaw
  • Christian and Myrto Rochat
  • Mr and Mrs Julian Schild
  • Mrs Barbara Sharron
  • David and Lynda Snowdon
  • David and Penny Stern
  • Lady Juliet Tadgell
  • Eric Tomsett
  • Marina Vaizey
  • Stephen and Sophie Warshaw
  • Mr David J. Williams
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Chair Endowers

  • Assistant Leader's Chair endowed by the Philharmonia Orchestra in memory of Jessie Hinchliffe MBE
  • Principal Second Violin's Chair endowed by Clare Lager in memory of David Henfrey 
  • Principal Viola's Chair endowed by the Tertis Foundation
  • Principal Cello's Chair endowed in memory of Amaryllis Fleming by the Amaryllis Fleming Foundation and Fleming Family and Partners Ltd
  • No. 2 Cello's Chair endowed by Jane and Julian Langer
  • Principal Double Bass Chair endowed by Sir Sydney and Lady Lipworth in memory of Bertrand Lipworth
  • Principal Oboe's Chair endowed by Elizabeth Aitken
  • The Philharmonia's Principal Flute Chair is endowed by Norbert and Sabine Reis
  • Principal Clarinet's Chair endowed by the Philharmonia Orchestra and Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra in memory of Clem Relf
  • Principal Bass Clarinet's Chair endowed by Philip and Judy Green
  • Principal Bassoon's Chair endowed by Penny and Nigel Turnbull
  • No. 2 Bassoon's Chair endowed by John Abramson
  • Principal Horn's Chair endowed by John and Carol Wates in memory of Dennis Brain
  • Philharmonia Orchestra Chair's Chair endowed in honour of Sir Sydney Lipworth QC and Lady Lipworth CBE
  • Second Horn's Chair endowed by Mrs Beers, Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus in memory of Ian Beers
  • Principal Trumpet's Chair endowed by Daan and Maggie Knottenbelt

Symphony Friends

  • Mr Ronald Adair
  • Dr Peter Barker
  • Mervyn and Helen Bradlow
  • Michael and Joan Bosworth
  • Joy and Stanley Clayman
  • Mrs Shimona Cowan
  • Jean-Pierre Gilardino
  • Lady Gough
  • Mr & Mrs Ronald and Hanna Hofbauer
  • Mr Raphaël Kanza
  • Mr and Mrs Evan Llewellyn
  • Mrs Peta Martin
  • David and Jenny Pratt 
  • Mr and Mrs Colin Stevens
  • Mr and Mrs Stoppenbach
  • Marina Vaizey
  • Mr Tim Wilkinson
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Concerto Friends

  • Mrs Arlene Beare
  • Roger Butland and Jean Daly
  • Mr Fredrik Carstens
  • Jacqueline and Eric Charles
  • Mr Roger Charters
  • Mr Rupert Darbyshire
  • Mr and Mrs David W Davies
  • Mrs MA Elton
  • Mr and Mrs R Gerber
  • Mr Stephen Goldring
  • Dr Alexander Hall
  • Colin and Naomi Hall
  • Peter and Cynthia Hardy
  • Professor Gavin Henderson
  • Mr Robert A Jones
  • Chris Kettler
  • Miss Lucia Komljen
  • Mrs Joanna Millan
  • Miss Caroline Moles and Mr M S Gerard
  • Mr Colin Clive Neathey
  • Mr and Mrs Francis Norton
  • Mr Ivan Powell
  • Michael and Jill Reynolds
  • Michael Richards
  • Ruth and Brian Sandelson
  • David and Ruth Simkins
  • John & Katy Turnbull
  • Mr Andrew Wales
  • David and Jenny Walsh
  • Mr and Mrs Don White
  • Mr David A Wilson
  • Gerald Wilson
  • Mr Christopher Woon 
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Overture Friends

  • Graeme Armstrong
  • Mr Jeff Atmajian
  • Mr and Mrs Norman Baker
  • Mr and Mrs L Barnett
  • Reverend Jane Bass
  • Mrs Arlene Beare
  • Mr and Mrs David Bird
  • Mr & Mrs M Blackledge
  • Sir Alan Bowness CBE
  • Mr Stuart Chillingworth
  • Mr and Mrs Gavin B Choyce
  • Ms Maureen Clark-Darby
  • Mr Stephen Clayton
  • Mr Martyn Clift
  • George Cobby
  • Rebecca and Robert Court
  • Ms Paula Cowin
  • Ms Jackie Daldorph
  • Mrs Vivette Dallas
  • Dr and Mrs J E Danziger
  • Mr Roderick Davies
  • Roger J Davis
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony de Keyser
  • Mrs Linda de Metz
  • Mr Richard Dening
  • Sule and Patrick Dewilde
  • Mr Richard England
  • William Farrington
  • Ivan & Penny Flack
  • Mr John Fox
  • Joan and Christopher Gardam
  • Mr Patrick Gaskell-Taylor
  • Mr and Mrs D Gibbs
  • Dr and Mrs D Gillingwater
  • Mr and Mrs Sidney Gould
  • Dr and Dr Peter Greaves
  • Mrs Judicaelle Hammond
  • Robin Jackson
  • Mr David James 
  • Mr and Mrs Lanfyr Jones
  • Professor Don Kelly
  • Mr Bryan Lewis
  • Dr and Mrs John Ley
  • Mr and Mrs Gavin Lickley
  • Mr David Lock
  • Mrs Virginia Lynch
  • Mr Chris Male
  • Mr and Mrs J Mas
  • Mr and Mrs J Mas
  • Mr Peter Matthews
  • Dr Natalie Mears
  • Mr James Miller
  • Mrs Rosemary Morgan
  • Ann and Simon Morris
  • Mr Terry Norris
  • Professor Hiroshi Oda
  • Mrs Yuko Oki
  • Mrs Jacqueline O'Neill
  • Mrs Philippa Owen
  • Mr and Mrs V Phillips
  • D. J. Pratt
  • Dr and Mrs R J Preece
  • Janet Prestwood
  • Graham and Jean Pugh
  • Alan Ratnage
  • Mr Julian Rhodes
  • Mr Neil Roberts
  • Mr and Mrs C Schey
  • Michael and Suzette Scott
  • Professor John and Mrs Alison Shepherd
  • Mr and Mrs Douglas Smith          
  • Michael Smith 
  • Mr Richard Smith
  • Mr Ivor Spiro
  • Mrs S. M. Sterman
  • Caroline Tate
  • Madeleine and John Tattersall
  • Mr Charles Taylor
  • Mr Mark Todd
  • Dr Barry Turner
  • Dr Ann Turrall
  • Dr Charlotte Westbury
  • Simon and Annie Wild
  • Mr Christopher Williams              
  • Reverend Doiran Williams
  • Mrs G Woods
  • Mr C D Yates
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Philharmonia Future 75 Campaign

Individual Founding Patrons 

For gifts of £5,000 or above

  • Mrs Sandra Bernheim 
  • Ms Stacey Bronfman
  • Chen Chen
  • Jiazhuo Cheng
  • George L. Farias 
  • Mrs Amanda Grove Holmén 
  • The Harbour Foundation
  • Mr Zhao Jing 
  • Miss Yanhe Mao
  • S. Shambayati
  • Mrs Joy Antonia Sigaud
  • David J. Williams 
  • Wuliangye 
  • Beau Han Xu

Joint Founding Patrons 

For gifts of £10,000 or above

  • Michael Brindle QC
  • Genevieve W. Brown and Frances C. Wheeler
  • Jo and Conor Davis
  • Sule and Patrick Dewilde
  • Mrs Mina Goodman and Miss Suzanne Goodman
  • Mr and Mrs William L. Jacob III
  • John H. Josephson and Carolina F. Zapf
  • Mrs Latifa Kosta
  • Mr and Mrs William Douglas Lese 
  • Sir Sydney Lipworth QC and Lady Lipworth CBE
  • Brian and Yuko McCappin
  • Mr Pavel Melnikov and Mrs Ksenia Simarova 
  • Liora and Michael Modiano
  • James O'Donnell
  • Norbert and Sabine Reis 
  • Bruce and Avis Richards
  • Ruben and Ann Ritchie
  • Ana Saucedo and Peter Von Schlossberg
  • Mrs and Mrs Sandeep Sekhri  
  • Mr and Mrs James Smith
  • The Honorable and Mrs. Jay T. Snyder
  • Peter and Prilla Stott
  • Mr and Mrs Thomas Wahlroos
  • John and Carol Wates 
  • The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Founding Benefactors 

For gifts of £25,000 or above

  • Mr and Mrs Jamal Daniel 
  • Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Foundation
  • Kate and Andrew Davis 
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

Founding Sponsors 

For gifts of £50,000 or above

  • Daan and Maggie Knottenbelt 
  • Mrs Amy Lam 
  • McDermott, Will & Emery
  • Dr David Potter, CBE
  • The David and Elaine Potter Foundation
  • Mr Ron and Mrs Magdalena Wahid 
  • Thomas Werner
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous

The Philharmonia Orchestra in Bedford Trust

  • The Revd Jeremy and Mrs Arthern
  • Ivan and Penny Flack  
  • Gale Family Charity Trust
  • The Ibbett Trust 
  • St John's Hospital Trust  
  • The late Chris Kettler  
  • Robert Kiln Charitable Trust
  • Min Lee  
  • Mr and Mrs V Phillips
  • David and Jenny Pratt
  • Stuart and Margaret Renshaw  
  • Mrs B L Robinson's Charitable Trust  
  • The Steel Charitable Trust
  • Penny and Nigel Turnbull 
  • Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire Charities Fund
  • Marina Vaizey  
  • F Williams (Bedford) Ltd  
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous 

American Patrons of the Philharmonia Foundation

Luminary Patrons
For gifts of $10,000 and above

  • BDT & Company, LLC
  • Mr and Mrs William L. Jacob III
  • Mr and Mrs William Douglas Lese
  • Betsy and Rob Pitts

Visionary Patrons
For gifts of $5,000 and above

  • Jack and Susan Fuller
  • Ms Irene Mavroyannis
  • The Honorable and Mrs Jay T. Snyder

Associate Patrons
For gifts of $1,500 and above

  • Brenda Earl
  • Mrs Jan van Eck 
  • Mrs Amanda Grove Holmén 
  • Mr and Mrs John Jacobsson
  • Prager Metis CPAs
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous 

The Klemperer Society

  • The Revd Jeremy and Mrs Arthern
  • Mr Roger Charters
  • Mr Stuart Chillingworth
  • Adrian Clark
  • Ms Paula Cowin
  • Mr Roderick Davies
  • Mr Richard England
  • Mr John Gwynn
  • Mrs Judicaelle Hammond
  • Deborah Longhurst
  • David and Jenny Pratt 
  • Mr Marc Prema-Ratner & Mr Stephen Davis
  • Stuart and Margaret Renshaw
  • Michael and Jill Reynolds
  • Michael and Suzette Scott
  • Mr Ian Sewell
  • Mr and Mrs Julian Tucker
  • Andrew and Hilary Walker
  • Mr Peter James Watson
  • Mr Ian Webb
  • Mr David J. Williams
  • Dr Ernst Zillekens
  • and others who wish to remain anonymous
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